ctapipe.utils.astro.get_bright_stars(pointing=None, radius=None, magnitude_cut=None)[source]#

Get an astropy table of bright stars.

This function is using the Yale bright star catalog, available through ctapipe data downloads.

The included Yale bright star catalog contains all 9096 stars, excluding the Nova objects present in the original catalog and is complete down to magnitude ~6.5, while the faintest included star has mag=7.96. [HJ91]

pointing: astropy Skycoord

pointing direction in the sky (if none is given, full sky is returned)

radius: astropy angular units

Radius of the sky region around pointing position. Default: full sky

magnitude_cut: float

Return only stars above a given magnitude. Default: None (all entries)

Astropy table:

List of all stars after cuts with names, catalog numbers, magnitudes, and coordinates