Camera Readout#

The CameraReadout stores information regarding the waveform readout from the Cherenkov camera, such as sampling rate and information on the reference pulse shape.

There are several ways to obtain a CameraReadout:

CameraReadout is used by the ImageExtractor in the ctapipe.image module to ensure the images are scaled to the correct units.


You can write out a CameraReadout by using the CameraReadout.to_table() method to turn it into a Table, and then call its write() function. Reading it back in can be done with CameraReadout.from_table().

readout = CameraReadout(...)  # constructed elsewhere

readout.to_table().write('mycam.fits.gz') # FITS output
readout.to_table().write('mycam.h5', path='/cameras/mycam') # hdf5 output
readout.to_table().write('mycam.ecsv', format='ascii.ecsv') # text table

# later read back in:

readout = CameraReadout.from_table('mycam.ecsv', format='ascii.ecsv')
readout = CameraReadout.from_table('mycam.fits.gz')
readout = CameraReadout.from_table('mycam.h5', path='/cameras/mycam')

Reference/API# Module#

Utilities for reading or working with Camera geometry files


CameraReadout(name, sampling_rate, ...[, ...])

Stores properties related to the readout of a Cherenkov Camera.