Atmosphere Models (atmosphere)#

Models of the atmosphere useful for transforming between column densities (atmosphere depths \(X\), in units of mass per area) and heights (in distance above sea-level units).


ctapipe.atmosphere Module#

Atmosphere density models and functions to transform between column density (X in grammage units) and height (meters) units.

Zenith angle is taken into account in the line-of-sight integral to compute the column density X assuming Earth as a flat plane (the curvature is not taken into account)



Base class for models of atmosphere density.


A simple functional density profile modeled as an exponential.


Tabular profile from a table that has both the density and it's integral pre-computed.


CORSIKA 5-layer atmosphere model

Class Inheritance Diagram#

Inheritance diagram of ctapipe.atmosphere.AtmosphereDensityProfile, ctapipe.atmosphere.ExponentialAtmosphereDensityProfile, ctapipe.atmosphere.TableAtmosphereDensityProfile, ctapipe.atmosphere.FiveLayerAtmosphereDensityProfile