read_table#, path, start=None, stop=None, step=None, condition=None, table_cls=<class 'astropy.table.table.Table'>) Table[source]#

Read a table from an HDF5 file

This reads a table written in the ctapipe format table as an astropy.table.Table object, inversing the column transformations units.

This uses the same conventions as the HDF5TableWriter, with the exception of Enums, that will remain as integers.

(start, stop, step) behave like python slices.

h5file: Union[str, Path, tables.file.File]

input filename or PyTables file handle

path: str

path to table in the file

start: int or None

if given, this is the first row to be loaded

stop: int or None

if given, this is the last row to be loaded (not inclusive)

step: int or None

step between rows.

condition: str

A numexpr expression to only load rows fulfilling this condition. For example, use “hillas_length > 0” to only load rows where the hillas length is larger than 0 (so not nan and not 0). Ignored when reading tables that were written using astropy.


table in Astropy Format