class ctapipe.core.traits.Float(default_value: float | Sentinel | None = traitlets.Undefined, allow_none: bool = False, read_only: bool | None = False, help: str | None = None, config: Any | None = None, **kwargs: Any)#

Bases: TraitType[G, S]

A float trait.

Attributes Summary

Methods Summary


Get a value from a config string


validate(obj, value)

Attributes Documentation

default_value: t.Any = 0.0#
info_text: str = 'a float'#

Methods Documentation

from_string(s: str) G[source]#

Get a value from a config string

such as an environment variable or CLI arguments.

Traits can override this method to define their own parsing of config strings.

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Added in version 5.0.

subclass_init(cls: type[Any]) None[source]#
validate(obj: Any, value: Any) G[source]#