class ctapipe.core.telescope_component.TelescopeParameter(trait, default_value=traitlets.Undefined, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: List

Allow a parameter value to be specified as a simple value (of type dtype), or as a list of patterns that match different telescopes.

The patterns are given as a list of 3-tuples in the form: [(command, argument, value), ...].

Command can be one of:

  • 'type': argument is then a telescope type string (e.g. ('type', 'SST_ASTRI_CHEC', 4.0) to apply to all telescopes of that type, or use a wildcard like “LST*”, or “*” to set a pure default value for all telescopes.

  • 'id': argument is a specific telescope ID ['id', 89, 5.0])

These are evaluated in-order, so you can first set a default value, and then set values for specific telescopes or types to override them.


tel_param = [
    ('type', '*', 5.0),                       # default for all
    ('type', 'LST_*', 5.2),
    ('type', 'MST_MST_NectarCam', 4.0),
    ('type', 'MST_MST_FlashCam', 4.5),
    ('id', 34, 4.0),                   # override telescope 34 specifically
tel_param = 4.0  # sets this value for all telescopes

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Load value from a single string

set(obj, value)[source]#
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