ctapipe is not stable yet, so expect large and rapid changes to structure and functionality as we explore various design choices before the 1.0 release.

Change Log#

ctapipe v0.21.1 (2024-05-15)#

This is a small bug fix and maintenance release for 0.21.0.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix SoftwareTrigger not correctly handling different telescope types that have the same string representation, e.g. the four LSTs in prod6 files.

    Telescopes that have the same string representation now always are treated as one group in SoftwareTrigger. [#2552]


  • A number of simple code cleanups in the ImPACT reconstructor code. [#2551]

ctapipe v0.21.0 (2024-04-25)#

API Changes#

  • reference_location is now a required argument for SubarrayDescription [#2402]

  • CameraGeometry.position_to_pix_index will now return the minimum integer value for invalid pixel coordinates instead of -1 due to the danger of using -1 as an index in python accessing the last element of a data array for invalid pixels. The function will now also no longer raise an error if the arguments are empty arrays and instead just return an empty index array. The function will also no longer log a warning in case of coordinates that do not match a camera pixel. The function is very low-level and if not finding a pixel at the tested position warrants a warning or is expected will depend on the calling code. [#2397]

  • Change the definition of the leakage_pixels_width_{1,2} image features to give the ratio of pixels at the border to the pixels after cleaning instead of to the total number of pixels of the camera. [#2432]

  • Change how the DataWriter writes pointing information. Before, each unique pointing position was written in a table with the event time as index column into dl1/monitoring/telescope/pointing.

    This has two issues: For observed data, each pointing will be unique in horizontal coordinates due to tracking a fixed ICRS coordinate. Resulting in a pointing position written for each event, although the resolution of the monitoring is much lower. For simulated events, the event time is the timestamp of the simulation and pointing is fixed in AltAz. ctapipe was using the closest point in time for simulated events when reading data back in, however, this is problematic in case of many simulation runs processed in parallel.

    We now store the first received pointing information in the configuration/telescope/pointing table per obs id, only for simulation events. [#2438]

  • Replace n_signal and n_background options in ctapipe-train-particle-classifier with n_events and signal_fraction, where signal_fraction = n_signal / (n_signal + n_background). [#2465]

  • Move the TableLoader options from being traitlets to each read_... method allowing to load different data with the same TableLoader-Instance.

    In addition the default values for the options have changed. [#2482]

  • Adding monitoring: MonitoringCameraContainer as keyword argument to the ImageCleaner API so cleaning algorithms can now access relevant information for methods that e.g. require monitoring information. [#2511]

  • Unified the options for DataWriter and the data level names:













    This changes requires that existing configuration files are updated if they use these parameters [#2520]

Bug Fixes#

  • Ensure that SubarrayDescription.reference_location is always generated by `SimTelEventSource, even if the metadata is missing. In that case, construct a dummy location with the correct observatory height and latitude and longitude equal to zero (“Null Island”).

  • Fixed the definition of h_max, which was both inconsistent between HillasReconstructor and HillasIntersection implementations, and was also incorrect since it was measured from the observatory elevation rather than from sea level.

    The value of h_max is now defined as the height above sea level of the shower-max point (in meters), not the distance to that point. Therefore it is not corrected for the zenith angle of the shower. This is consistent with the options currently used for CORSIKA, where the SLANT option is set to false, meaning heights are actual heights not distances from the impact point, and x_max is a depth, not a slant depth. Note that this definition may be inconsistent with other observatories where slant-depths are used, and also note that the slant depth or distance to shower max are the more useful quantities for shower physics. [#2403]

  • Add the example config for ctapipe-train-disp-reconstructor to the list of configs generated by ctapipe-quickstart. [#2414]

  • Do not use a hidden attribute of SKLearnReconstructor in ctapipe-apply-models. [#2418]

  • Add docstring for ctapipe-train-disp-reconstructor. [#2420]

  • Remove warnings about missing R1 or DL0 data when using the CameraCalibrator. These were previously emitted directly as python warnings and did not use the component logging system, which they now do. As we do not actually expect R1 to be present it was also moved down to debug level. [#2421]

  • Check that the array pointing is given in horizontal coordinates before training a DispReconstructor. [#2431]

  • Fix additional, unwanted columns being written into disp prediction output. [#2440]

  • Properly transform pixel coordinates between CameraFrame and TelescopeFrame in MuonIntensityFitter taking. Before, MuonIntensityFitter always used the equivalent focal length for transformations, now it is using the focal length attached to the CameraGeometry, thus respecting the focal_length_choice options of the event sources. [#2464]

  • Fix colored logging in case of custom log levels being defined. [#2505]

  • Fix a possible out-of-bounds array access in the FlashCamExtractor. [#2544]

Data Model Changes#

  • Remove redundant is_valid field in DispContainer and rename the remaining field. Use the same prefix for both containers filled by DispReconstructor.

    Fix default name of DispReconstructor target column.

    Let HDF5EventSource load DispContainer. [#2443]

  • Change R1- and DL0-waveforms datamodel shape from (n_pixels, n_samples) to be always (n_channels, n_pixels, n_samples). HDF5EventSource was adjusted accordingly to support also older datamodel versions.

    Re-introduce also the possibility of running ImageExtractors on data consisting of multiple gain channels. [#2529]

New Features#

  • Large updates to the Image Pixel-wise fit for Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes reconstruction method (https://doi.org/10.48550/arXiv.1403.2993)

    • ImPACT - General code clean up and optimisation. Now updated to work similarly to other reconstructors using the standardised interface, such that it can be used ctapipe-process. Significant improvements to tests too

    • ImPACT_utilities - Created new file to hold general usage functions, numba used in some areas for speedup

    • template_network_interpolator - Now works with templates with different zenith and azimuth angles

    • unstructured_interpolator - Significant speed improvements

    • pixel_likelihood - Constants added back to neg_log_likelihood_approx, these are quite important to obtaining a well normalised goodness of fit.

    • hillas_intersection - Fixed bug in core position being incorrectly calculated, fixed tests too [#2305]

  • Allow passing the matplotlib axes to the SubarrayDescription.peek function, fix warnings in case of layout engine being already defined. [#2369]

  • Add support for interpolating a monitoring pointing table in TableLoader. The corresponding table is not yet written by ctapipe, but can be written by external tools. This is to enable analysis of real observations, where the pointing changes over time in alt/az. [#2409]

  • Implement the overburden-to height a.s.l. transformation function in the atmosphere module and test that round-trip returns original value. [#2422]

  • In case no configuration is found for a telescope in TelescopeParameter, it is now checked whether the telescope exists at all to provide a better error message. [#2429]

  • Allow setting n_jobs on the command line for the train_* and apply_models tools using a new n_jobs flag. This temporarily overwrites any settings in the (model) config(s). [#2430]

  • Add support for using str and Path objects as input to ctapipe.io.get_hdf5_datalevels. [#2451]

  • The recommended citation for ctapipe has been updated to the ICRC 2023 proceeding, please update. [#2470]

  • Support astropy 6.0. [#2475]

  • The DispReconstructor now computes a score for how certain the prediction of the disp sign is. [#2479]

  • Also load the new fixed pointing information in TableLoader.

    Add option keep_order to ctapipe.io.astropy_helpers.join_allow_empty that will keep the original order of rows when performing left or right joins. [#2481]

  • Add an AstroQuantity trait which can hold any astropy.units.Quantity. [#2524]

  • Add function ctapipe.coordinates.get_point_on_shower_axis that computes a point on the shower axis in alt/az as seen from a telescope. [#2537]

  • Update bokeh dependency to version 3.x. [#2549]


  • The CI system now reports to the CTA SonarQube instance for code quality tracking [#2214]

  • Updated some numpy calls to not use deprecated functions. [#2406]

  • The ctapipe source code repository now uses the src/-based layout. This fixes the editable installation of ctapipe. [#2459]

  • Fix headings in docs. Change occurrences of API Reference to Reference/API for consistency. Change capitalization of some headings for consistency. [#2474]

  • The from_name methods of instrument description classes now raise a warning that it is better to access instrument information via a SubarrayDescription.

    Also improve documentation in instrument module to explain when not to use the various from_name() methods. These are provided for the case when no event data is available, e.g. for unit testing or demos, but do not guarantee that the returned instrument information corresponds to a particular set of event data. [#2485]

  • Support and test on python 3.12. [#2486]

  • Drop support for python 3.9. [#2526]

Refactoring and Optimization#

  • Load data and apply event and column selection in chunks in ctapipe-train-* before merging afterwards. This reduces memory usage. [#2423]

  • Make default ML config files more readable and add comments. [#2455]

  • Update and add missing docstrings related to the ML functionalities. [#2456]

  • Add true_impact_distance to the output of CrossValidator. [#2468]

  • Add cache=True to some numba-compiled functions which were missing it. [#2477]

  • Write cross validation results for each model out immediately after validation to free up memory earlier. [#2483]

  • Compute deconvolution parameters in FlashCamExtractor only as needed. [#2545]

ctapipe v0.20.0 (2023-09-11)#

API Changes#

  • The ctapipe-dump-triggers tool was removed, since it wrote a custom data format not compatible with e.g. the output of the DataWriter and ctapipe-process. If you only want to store trigger and simulation information from simulated / DL0 input files into the ctapipe format HDF5 files, you can now use ctapipe-process -i <input> -o <output> --no-write-parameters. [#2375]

  • Change the fill value for invalid telescope ids in SubarrayDescription.tel_index_array from -1 to np.iinfo(int).minval to prevent -1 being used as an index resulting in the last element being used for invalid telescope ids. [#2376]

  • Remove EventSource.from_config, simply use EventSource(config=config) or EventSource(parent=parent). [#2384]

Data Model Changes#

  • Added missing fields defined in the CTAO R1 and DL0 data models to the corresponding containers. [#2338]

  • Remove the injection_height field from the SimulationConfigContainer, this field was always empty and is never filled by sim_telarray.

    Add the corresponding starting_grammage field to the SimulatedShowerContainer, where it is actually available. [#2343]

  • Added new fields to the MuonEfficiencyContainer - is_valid to check if fit converged successfully, parameters_at_limit to check if parameters were fitted close to a bound and likelihood_value which represents cost function value atthe minimum. These fields were added to the output of the MuonIntensityFitter. [#2381]

New Features#

  • Remove writing the full provenance information to the log and instead simply refer the reader to the actual provenance file. [#2328]

  • Add support for including r1 and r0 waveforms in the ctapipe-merge tool. [#2386]

Bug Fixes#

  • The `HillasIntersection` method used to fail when individual events were reconstructed to originate from a FoV offset of more than 90 degrees. This is now fixed by returning an INVALID container for a reconstructed offset of larger than 45 degrees. [#2265]

  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of the full numeric pixel likelihood and the corresponding tests. [#2388]


  • Drop support for python 3.8 in accordance with the NEP 29 schedule. [#2342]

    • Switched to PyData theme for docs

    • Updated Sphinx to version 6.2.1

    • Updated front page of docs [#2373]

ctapipe 0.19.3 (2023-06-20)#

This is a bugfix release fixing a number of bugs, mainly one preventing the processing of divergent pointing prod6 data due to a bug in SoftwareTrigger, see below for details.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix peak time units of FlashCamExtractor (See cta-observatory/ctapipe#2336) [#2337]

  • Fix shape of mask returned by NullDataVolumeReducer. [#2340]

  • Fix definition of the --dl2-subarray flag of ctapipe-merge. [#2341]

  • Fix ctapipe-train-disp-reconstructor --help raising an exception. [#2352]

  • Correctly fill reference_location for SubarrayDescription.tel_coords. [#2354]

  • Fix SoftwareTrigger not removing all parts of a removed telescope event from the array event leading to invalid files produced by DataWriter. [#2357]

  • Fix that the pixel picker of the matplotlib CameraDisplay triggers also for clicks on other CameraDisplay instances in the same figure. [#2358]

New Features#

  • Add support for Hillas parameters in TelescopeFrame to CameraDisplay.overlay_moments and make sure that the label text does not overlap with the ellipse. [#2347]

  • Add support for using ctapipe.image.toymodel features in TelescopeFrame. [#2349]


  • Improve docstring and validation of parameters of CameraGeometry. [#2361]

ctapipe v0.19.2 (2023-05-17)#

This release contains a critical bugfix for the FlashCamExtractor that resulted in non-sensical peak time values in DL1, see below.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix a bug in the peak_time estimation of FlashCamExtractor (See issue #2332) [#2333]

ctapipe v0.19.1 (2023-05-11)#

This release is a small bugfix release for v0.19.0, that also includes a new feature enabling computing different telescope multiplicities in the machine learning feature generation.

Thanks to the release of numba 0.57 and some minor fixes, ctapipe is now also compatible with Python 3.11.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix ApplyModels.overwrite. [#2311]

  • Fix for config files not being included as inputs in provenance log. [#2312]

  • Fix calculation of the neighbor matrix of CameraGeometry for empty and single-pixel geometries. [#2317]

  • Fix HDF5Writer not working on windows due to using pathlib for hdf5 dataset names. [#2319]

  • Fix StereoTrigger assuming the wrong data type for tels_with_trigger, resulting in it not working for actual events read from an EventSource. [#2320]

  • Allow disabling the cross validation (by setting CrossValidator.n_cross_validations = 0) for the train tools. [#2310]

New Features#

  • Add SubarrayDescription.multiplicity method that can compute telescope multiplicity for a given telescope boolean mask, either for all telescope or a given telescope type.

    Enable adding additional keyword arguments to FeatureGenerator.

    Pass the SubarrayDescription to FeatureGenerator in sklearn classes. [#2308]


  • Add support for python 3.11. [#2107]

ctapipe v0.19.0 (2023-03-30)#

API Changes#

  • Renamed GeometryReconstructor to HillasGeometryReconstructor [#2293]

Bug Fixes#

Data Model Changes#

New Features#

  • Add signal extraction algorithm for the FlashCam. [#2188]


  • The examples/ subdirectory was removed as most scripts there were out of date. Useful information in those examples was moved to example notebooks in docs/examples [#2266]

  • The tools to train ml models now provide better error messages in case the input files did not contain any events for specific telescope types. [#2295]

Refactoring and Optimization#

ctapipe v0.18.1 (2023-03-16)#

Bug Fixes#

  • Ensure the correct activity metadata is written into output files. [#2261]

  • Fix --overwrite option not taking effect for ctapipe-apply-models. [#2287]

  • Fix TableLoader.read_subarray_events raising an exception when load_observation_info=True. [#2288]

ctapipe v0.18.0 (2023-02-09)#

API Changes#

  • ctapipe now uses entry points for plugin discovery. EventSource implementations now need to advertise a ctapipe_io entry point, to be discovered by ctapipe. Additionally, ctapipe now includes preliminary support for discovering Reconstructor implementations via the ctapipe_reco entry_point. [#2101]

  • Migrate muon analysis into the ctapipe-process tool:

    1. The former muon_reconstruction tool is dropped and all functionalities are transferred into the ctapipe-process tool.

    2. The process tool now has a write_muon_parameters flag which defaults to false. Muons are only analyzed and written if the flag is set. Analyzing muons requires DL1 image parameters, so they are computed in case they are not available from the input even if the user did not explicitly ask for the computation of image parameters.

    3. Two instances of QualityQuery, MuonProcessor.ImageParameterQuery and MuonProcessor.RingQuery are added to the muon analysis to either preselect images according to image parameters and to select images according to the initial, geometrical ring fit for further processing. Deselected events or those where the muon analysis fails are being returned and written filled with invalid value markers instead of being ignored. Base configure options for the muon analysis were added to the base_config.yaml.

    4. The DataWriter now writes the results of a muon analysis into /dl1/event/telescope/muon/tel_id, given write_moun_parameters is set to true.

    5. Muon nodes were added to the HDF5EventSource, the TableLoader and the ctapipe-merge tool. [#2168]

  • Change default behaviour of run_rool:

    1. The default value of raises is now True. That means, when using run_tool, the Exceptions raised by a Tool will be re-raised. The raised exceptions can be tested for their type and content. If the Tool must fail and only the non-zero error case is important to test, set raises=False (as it was before).

    2. If the cwd parameter is None (as per default), now a temporary directory is used instead of the directory, where run_tool is called (typically via pytest). This way, log-files and other output files don’t clutter your working space. [#2175]

  • Remove -f flag as alias for --overwrite and fail early if output exists, but overwrite is not set [#2213]

  • The _chunked methods of the TableLoader now return an Iterator over namedtuples with start, stop, data. [#2241]

  • Remove debug-logging and early-exits in hdf5eventsource so broken files raise errors. [#2244]

New Features#

  • Implement Components and Tools to perform training and application of machine learning models based on scikit-learn.

    Four new tools are implemented: - ctapipe-train-energy-regressor - ctapipe-train-particle-classifier - ctapipe-train-disp-reconstructor - ctapipe-apply-models

    The first two tools are used to train energy regression and particle classification respectively. The third tool trains two models for geometrical reconstruction using the disp method and the fourth tool can apply those models in bulk to input files. ctapipe-process can now also apply these trained models directly in the event loop.

    The intended workflow is to process training files to a combined dl1 / dl2 level using ctapipe-process, merging those to large training files using ctapipe-merge and then train the models. [#1767, #2121, #2133, #2138, #2217, #2229, #2140]

  • Tool now comes with an ExitStack that enables proper handling of context-manager members inside Tool.run. Things that require a cleanup step should be implemented as context managers and be added to the tool like this:

    self.foo = self.enter_context(Foo())

    This will ensure that Foo.__exit__ is called when the Tool terminates, for whatever reason. [#1926]

  • Implement atmospheric profiles for conversions from h_max to X_max. The new module ctapipe.atmosphere has classes for the most common cases of a simple ExponentialAtmosphereDensityProfile, a TableAtmosphereDensityProfile and CORSIKA’s FiveLayerAtmosphereDensityProfile. [#2000]

  • TableLoader can now also load observation and scheduling block configuration. [#2096]

  • The ctapipe-info tool now supports printing information about the available EventSource and Reconstructor implementations as well as io and reco plugins. [#2101]

  • Allow lookup of TelescopeParameter values by telescope type. [#2120]

  • Implement a SoftwareTrigger component to handle the effect of selecting sub-arrays from larger arrays in the simulations. The component can remove events where the stereo trigger would not have decided to record an event and also remove single telescopes from events for cases like the CTA LSTs, that have their own hardware stereo trigger that requires at least two LSTs taking part in an event. [#2136]

  • It’s now possible to transform between GroundFrame coordinates and astropy.coordinates.EarthLocation, enabling the conversion between relative array coordinates (used in the simulation) and absolute real-world coordinates. [#2167]

  • The ctapipe-display-dl1 tool now has a QualityQuery instance which can be used to select which images should be displayed. [#2172]

  • Add a new ctapipe.io.HDF5Merger component that can selectively merge HDF5 files produced with ctapipe. The new component is now used in the ctapipe-merge tool but can also be used on its own. This component is also used by ctapipe-apply-models to selectively copy data from the input file to the output file. Through using this new component, ctapipe-merge gained support for fine-grained control which information should be included in the output file and for appending to existing output files. [#2179]

  • CameraDisplay.overlay_coordinate can now be used to plot coordinates into the camera display, e.g. to show the source position or the position of stars in the FoV. [#2203]

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix for Hillas lines in ArrayDisplay being wrong in the new EastingNorthingFrame. [#2134]

  • Replace usage of $HOME with Path.home() for cross-platform compatibility. [#2155]

  • Fix for TableLoader having the wrong data types for obs_id, event_id and tel_id. [#2163]

  • Fix Tool printing a large traceback in case of certain configuration errors. [#2171]

  • The string representation of Field now sets numpy print options to prevent large arrays in the docstrings of Container classes. [#2173]

  • Fix missing comma in eventio version requirement in setup.cfg (#2185). [#2187]

  • Move reading of stereo data before skipping empty events in HDF5EventSource, this fixes a bug where the stereo data and simulation data get out of sync with the other event data when using allowed_tels. [#2189]

  • Fix mixture of quantity and unit-less values passed to np.histogram in ctapipe.image.muon.ring_completeness, which raises an error with astropy 5.2.1. [#2197]


  • Use towncrier for the generation of change logs [#2144]

  • Replace usage of deprecated astropy matrix function. [#2166]

  • Use weakref.proxy(parent) in Component.__init__.

    Due to the configuration systems, children need to reference their parent(s). When parents get out of scope, their children still hold the reference to them. That means that python cannot garbage-collect the parents (which are Tools, most of the time).

    This change uses weak-references (which do not increase the reference count), which means parent-Tools can get garbage collected by python.

    This decreases the memory consumption of the tests by roughly 50%. [#2223]

Refactoring and Optimization#

  • Speed-up table loader by using hstack instead of join where possible. [#2126]

v0.7.0 – 0.17.0#

For changelogs for these releases, please visit the github releases page


  • Fix broken build (#743) @kosack

  • Add example script for a simple event writer (#746) @jjlk

  • Fix camera axis alignment in HillasReconstructor (#741) @mackaiver

  • Lst reader (#749) @FrancaCassol

  • replace deprecated astropy broadcast (#754) @mackaiver

  • A few more example notebooks (#757) @kosack

  • Add MC xmax info (#759) @mackaiver

  • Use Astropy Coordinate Transofmations For Reconstruction (#758) @mackaiver

  • Trigger pixel reader (#745) @thomasarmstrong

  • Change requested in #742: init Hillas skewness and kurtosis to NaN (#744) @STSpencer

  • Fix call to np.linalg.leastsq (#760) @kosack

  • Fix/muon bugs (#762) @kosack

  • Implement hillas features usen eigh (#748) @MaxNoe

  • Use HillasParametersContainer only (#763) @MaxNoe

  • Regression features in RegressorClassifierBase (#764) @vuillaut

  • Adding an example notebook no how to convert hex geometry to square and back (#767) @vuillaut

  • Wrong angle in ArrayDisplay. changed phi to psi. (#771) @thomasgas

  • Unstructured interpolator (#770) @ParsonsRD

  • Lst reader (#776) @FrancaCassol

  • Fixing core reconstruction (#777) @kpfrang

  • Leakage (#783) @MaxNoe

  • Revert “Fixing core reconstruction” (#789) @kosack

  • Fixing the toy image generator (#790) @MaxNoe

  • Fix bad builds by changing channel name (missing pyqt package) (#793) @kosack

  • Implement concentration image features (#791) @MaxNoe

  • updated main documentation page (#792) @kosack

  • Impact intersection (#778) @mackaiver

  • add test for sliced geometries for hillas calculation (#781) @mackaiver

  • Simple HESS adaptations (#794) @ParsonsRD

  • added a config file for github release-drafter plugin (#795) @kosack

  • Array plotting (#784) @thomasgas

  • Minor changes: mostly deprecationwarning fixes (#787) @mireianievas

  • Codacy code style improvements (#796) @dneise

  • Add unit to h_max in HillasReconstructor (#797) @jjlk

  • speed up unit tests that use test_event fixture (#798) @kosack

  • Update Timing Parameters (#799) @LukasNickel


This is an interim release, after some major refactoring, and before we add the automatic gain selection and refactored container classes. It’s not intended yet for production.

Some Major changes since last release:

  • new EventSource class hierarchy for reading event data, which now supports simulation and testbench data from multiple camera prototypes (notably CHEC, SST-1M, NectarCam)

  • new EventSeeker class for (inefficient) random event access.

  • a much improved Factory class

  • re-organized event data structure (still evolving) - all scripts not in ctapipe must be changed to work with the new data items that were re-named (a migration guide will be given in the 0.7 release)

  • better HDF5 table output, supporting merging multiple Containers into a single output table

  • improvements to Muon analysis, and the muon example script

  • improvements to the calibration classes

  • big improvements to the Instrument classes

  • lots of cleanups and bug fixes

  • much more…

v0.5.3 (unreleased)#

  • Major speed improvements to calibration code, particularly

    NeighborPeakIntegrator (Jason Watson, #490), which now uses some compiled c-code for speed.

  • GeometryConverter now works for all cameras (Tino Michael, #)

  • Plotting improvements when overlays are used (MaxNoe, #489)

  • Fixes to coordinate PlanarRepresentation (MaxNoe, #506)

  • HDF5 output for charge resolution calculation (Jason Watons, #488)

  • Stastical errors added to sensitivity calculation (Tino Michel, #508)

  • Error estimator for direction and h_max fits in HillasReconstructor (Tino Michael, #509, #510)

v0.5.2 (2017-07-31)#

  • improvements to core.Container (MaxNoe)

  • TableWriter correctly handles units and metadata

  • ctapipe.instrument now has much more rich functionality (SubarrayDescription, TelescopeDescription, OpticsDescription classes added)

  • no more need to construct CameraGeometry manually, they are created in the hessio_event_source, all new code should use event.inst.subarray. The old inst.tel_pos, inst.optics_foclen, etc, will be phased out in the next point release (but still exist in this release) (K. Kosack)

  • ctapipe-dump-instrument script added

  • improvements to Regressor and Classifier code (Tino Michael)

  • provenance system includes actor roles

  • fixes to likelihood tests (Dan Parsons)

v0.5.1 (2016-07-20)#

  • TQDM and iminuit are now accepted dependencies

  • Implementation of ImPACT reconstruction and TableInterpolator class (Dan Parsons)

  • improved handling of atmosphere profiles

  • Implementation of Muon detection and reconstruction algorithms (Alison Mitchell)

  • unified camera and telescope names

  • better dataset handling (ctapipe.utils.datasets), and now automatically find datasets and tables in ctapipe-extra or in any directory listed in the user-defined $CTAPIPE_SVC_PATH path.

  • TableWriter class (HDF5TableWriter) for writing out any core.Container to an HDF5 table via pytables (Karl Kosack)

  • Improvements to flow framework (Jean Jacquemier)

  • Travis CI now builds automatically for multiply python versions and uploads latest documentation

  • use Lanscape.io for code quality

  • code for calculating sensitivity curves using event-weighting method (Tino Michael)