Muon Image Analysis#

Algorithms for detecting and characterizing muon images


ctapipe.image.muon Package#


kundu_chaudhuri_circle_fit(x, y, weights)

Fast and reliable analytical circle fitting method previously used in the H.E.S.S.

mean_squared_error(pixel_x, pixel_y, ...)

Calculate the weighted mean squared error for a circle

intensity_ratio_inside_ring(pixel_x, ...)

Calculate the ratio of the photons inside a given ring with coordinates (center_x, center_y), radius and width.

ring_completeness(pixel_x, pixel_y, weights, ...)

Estimate how complete a ring is.

ring_containment(radius, center_x, center_y, ...)

Estimate angular containment of a ring inside the camera (camera center is (0,0))

ctapipe.image.muon.processor Module#

High level muon analysis (MuonProcessor Component)



Takes cleaned images and extracts muon rings.

Class Inheritance Diagram#

Inheritance diagram of ctapipe.image.muon.processor.MuonProcessor

ctapipe.image.muon.intensity_fitter Module#

Class for performing a HESS style 2D fit of muon images

To do:
  • Deal with astropy untis better, currently stripped and no checks made

  • unit tests

  • create container class for output



Fit muon ring images with a theoretical model to estimate optical efficiency.

Class Inheritance Diagram#

Inheritance diagram of ctapipe.image.muon.intensity_fitter.MuonIntensityFitter

ctapipe.image.muon.ring_fitter Module#



Different ring fit algorithms for muon rings

Class Inheritance Diagram#

Inheritance diagram of ctapipe.image.muon.ring_fitter.MuonRingFitter