ctapipe is not stable yet, so expect large and rapid changes to structure and functionality as we explore various design choices before the 1.0 release.

Getting Started for Users#


The following guide is for users. If you want to contribute to ctapipe as a developer, see Getting Started for Developers.


How To Get the Latest Version#

We recommend using the mamba package manager, which is a C++ reimplementation of conda. It can be found here.

To install ctapipe into an existing conda environment, use:

$ mamba install -c conda-forge ctapipe

You can also directly create a new environment like this (add more packages as you like):

$ mamba create -n ctapipe -c conda-forge python ctapipe

or with pip:

$ pip install ctapipe

How To Get a Specific Version#

To install a specific version of ctapipe you can use the following command:

$ mamba install -c conda-forge ctapipe=0.17.0

or with pip:

$ pip install ctapipe==0.17.0